The Consistory portrays the Chivalric degrees. The settings range from the times of chivalry right up to the present day. The 14 degrees inculcate valuable moral lessons.

The Degrees are:

  1. Grand Pontiff
  2. Master Ad Vitam
  3. Patriarch Noachite
  4. Prince of Libanus
  5. Chief of the Tabernacle
  6. Brother of the Forest
  7. Master of Achievement
  8. Friend and Brother Eternal
  9. Knight of Jerusalem
  10. Knight of the Sun
  11. Knigth of St. Andrew
  12. Grand Inspector
  13. Knight Aspirant
  14. Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret


The Officers of a Consistory are as follows:

The Nathan Hale Consistory is the Consistory in the Valley of Hartford. The current officers for the Consistory may be found at the Consistory Officers page.