Lodge of Perfection

The first eleven degrees of the Ancient Accept Scottish Rite, the 4th through the 14th, are conferred in a Lodge of Perfection. These eleven degrees are called the Ineffable Degrees, because their primary purpose is the investigation and contemplation of the Ineffable, or unutterable, Name of Diety.


The Degrees are:

  1. Master Traveler
  2. Perfect Master
  3. Intimate Secretary
  4. Provost and Judget
  5. Intendent of the Building
  6. Master Elect of Nine
  7. Elect of Fifteen
  8. Sublime Master Elected
  9. Grand Master Architect
  10. Master of the Ninth Arch
  11. Grand Elect Mason

Many of the degrees are dramatic plays from the Solomonic era, each of which teaches a principle lesson


The Officers of a Lodge of Perfection, forming a progressive line, are as follows:

The Charter Oak Lodge of Perfection is the Lodge in the Valley of Hartford. The current officers for the lodge may be found at the Lodge Officers page.