Boston Bruins

My Love Affair with the Black and Gold...

The Bears Are Back!

The Bruins are currently in the second round of the playoffs, leading the Carolina Hurricanes 1 game to none. Go Bruins!

The Greatest One to Ever Lace 'Em Up

I guess I have to start any Bruins page by expressing my undying belief that Bobby Orr, #4, was the greatest one to ever lace 'em up. Period.

I got hooked on the Bruins early, and remember Bobby Orr being tripped by Noel Picard just after he'd scored the sudden death winning goal in the 1970 Stanley Cup finals.

Years later I learned of his wonderful quote after that game: "No practice tomorrow. Nobody left to beat."

With a start like that, how could you not love the Bruins?

Jesus Saves! And Esposito scores on the rebound!

How many games did we yell that as kids? The year that Espo scored 76 goals it seemed like his skates werr riveted into the ice in the slot and that opposing goalies did not have a chance.

We knew all the names, knew all the stats, and just loved the Bruins.