I like dogs. I always have. In addition to the other things I do in my life (some of which are described on this site), my wife and daughters and I are into showing dogs.

There are many facets to dog competition, but probably the one that most everyone is familiar with, from seeing the Westminster Dog Show or Eukanuba shows on TV, is Conformation. Conformation is the competition that most people would identify as being "a dog show." While some might think these are doggie "beauty contests", they are really an evaluation of how closely the dog conforms to the Breed Standard for that particular breed. And of course, there are other types of competition: obedience trials, agility trial, herding, and tracking.

If you want to know how a dog show works, there's a link that describes that. There are also links to the two other web sites we maintain -- one for my Australian Shepherds, and one for my wife's Havanese. She's also started showing Pomeranians, so there's a link to her Pom site as well.