As I mentioned on the front page of this site, I use Firefox. (Follow that link, get a copy for yourself!)


Lots of reasons....

I started using Mosaic way back when -- the web was pretty new in those days and Mosaic was the first browser -- and eventually I complained to a friend that it was a bit slow. My friend turned me on to Netscape. I used Netscape almost exclusively for quite a while, only lowering myself to use IE when I was on someone else's computer where I couldn't get Netscape, or if I ran into a site that just wouldn't render in anything but IE.

Netscape 6.0 came out and I got a little dissatisfied with it. It was slow -- very slow and it took forever to load. I stuck with Netscape 4.5 for quite a long while. If I remember correctly, Netscape 6 came out just after AOL bought Netscape. Talk about strange bedfellows! Anyway, Netscape was never quite the same after that.

When Netscape 7 came out, I tried that, and it was a bit better. Mainly, they loaded up a lot of stuff and gave you a quick launch capability. But somewhere along the line I heard about Firefox.

Firefox was from the folks at Mozilla, who'd originally developed Netscpae. I heard Firefox was fast, and tried it out and found out that it was. And of course, it's more secure as well.

I've been using Firefox since Version 0.7 and I love it. It is my weapon of choice for web development. Not only becuase it is easy to use and pretty smart internally, but because I can get some cool extensions to make my job much easier. It supports the Venkman javascript debugger (ever try using that crappy javascript debugger that IE purports to have?) and is much better all around. There are more and more add-ons available too. If you're developing, the Firebug add-on is a must as well.

If you go to the Mozilla site you can read for yourself about why Firefox is better.