This is my friend Tux. I have to credit Larry Ewing for the cool picture that has become the ubiquitous Linux mascot/logo.

Here's Larry's particulars: Larry Ewing

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I started fooling around with Linux fairly late in the game, back in 1998.

After learning about Unix-variants by working with Ultrix (ugh!) during my stint at DEC, and later the variant known as OSF-1, which morphed into Digital Unix, which in turn morphed into Tru-64 Unix, I wanted something that I could build, break, build again, and break again, unlike the operating systems we had at work.

I've always been a bits and bytes kind of guy, so playing around with the kernel, and doing installs and seeing what kind of mischief I could get into comes naturally to me. Okay, so I'm a geek.... And let's face it -- an operating system that lets me dictate how I want it, instead of some rich, know-it-all nerd from Redmond who's completely out of touch, appealed to me.

Currently I'm waiting for Fedora Core 11 to be released.