I program for a living.

To me, this is about the coolest thing anyone can do to earn money. It's like playing for eight hours every day. Well, okay, maybe not like playing ALL of the time, but most of the time, it's a helluva lot of fun.

I work mostly in C, using the GNU Compiler Collection (gcc) to compile C and C++ code. I do a lot of web programming, some web services, some e-commerce, and always with an eye on security. If you plan for security when you're laying out your initial plans, you have a lot better chance of surviving hack attempts when you go into production.

I'll provide some links on this page, and as time goes along, hopepfully I can add some tutorials.

Programming-related Links
Type of LinkLinkComment
C cprogramming.comA good site with articles, tutorials that range from getting started to more advanced computer science concepts
CC HistoryAn excellent (and I do mean excellent history of the development of the C language by Dennis Ritchie.
CRitchie Home PageDennis Ritchie's home page -- get it all straight from the author of the language.
Perlwww.perl.comO'Reilly's Perl Site -- great place to start
Perlwww.perlmonks.comA great place to find help concerning almost anything related to Perl programming.
Perlwww.cpan.orgComprehensive Perl Archive Network. A huge repository of modules that will make programming Perl easier.