From time to time I come across things I love and enjoy, or have experiences that are great. Other times I have experiences that leave me scratchin my head and saying WTF! This page will be my place to chronicle those experiences, be it good or bad.

The Corner Pug, West Hartford, CT, April 2008

This little place has become a favorite. Truth be told, I had driven by this place a million times, and always thought it was probably a little dive on the corner of New Britain Ave and New Park Ave in West Hartford. (Here's a map)

Then a friend started bartending there, and we discovered a little gem of a pub. The beer selection is great, with some unusual beers available, as well as the old standbys. The top-shelf liquor selection is excellent as well. (If you're into scotch, try the Lagavulin!).

Bar food is usually good. When I was on the road consulting, I learned early on that the best place to get food was in a bar, as opposed to the fast food crap that is readily available everywhere. The Corner Pug takes bar food to another level!

The menu is an adventure in hearty, tasty, most excellent pub food. From the macaroni and cheese (with gruyere and other cheeses), served in an adult manner (in a ramikan, with the pasta on end), to the meatloaf, and pot roast, shepherds pie and prime rib, it is all kick-ass good. No, make that doubly kick-ass good.

It gets crowded, so get there early, or be prepared to wait (hey, have a beer while you do

Oh, and here's a tip: Try a Black *#38; Blue. It's a Guiness and Blue Moon, in black and tan fashion, and is really good....

Bottom line It's phenomenal, and you will want to make it a regular stop!

Whole Foods, Glastonbury, CT, March 2008

They just opened a Whole Foods Market in Glastonbury, CT (map). We went the first time this past weekend. It was our first time in a Whole Foods Market and I was very impressed.

Aside from the tremendous selection of healthy foods available, the quality of which was completely evident, I was impressed by the absolute neatness of the store. Having worked in grocery stores in high school, I remember having to face shelves. In the middle of a Saturday afternoon rush, you rarely had time to face shelves. Yet, in the middle of this past Saturday afternnoon rush, the store looked picture perfect.

The prices were competitive, and my wife and I need to go back when it's not so crowded so that we can explore a bit more.

Bottom line -- great experience, great store. Real Bottom Line? Going back soon!

Serafino's Ristorante, Wallingford, CT September 22, 2006

As mentioned in my concerts page, this restaurant almost turned a great night into a disaster.

On the way to the Santana concert we hit heavy traffic on I-91. We planned on eating at Serafino's, because, to be fair, in the past we'd had good experiences there. Their food is good, their wine is good.

This evening, the wait for a table would have been too long to get us into the concert, so the hostess recommended getting take out. We were told it would be ready in 15 minutes. So we ordered take-out, and waited. And waited, and waited. After 30 minutes, I asked about our order and was told it would be right up.

After 40 minutes I asked again, a little more firmly this time. The girl at the register yelled back to the owner/manager, who must've been in the back cooking because it was so busy. It turned out our order had never even been started.

One of the servers went back to get things started, and within 5 minutes it was up and ready. By this point, we could have been seated at a table, as the original wait for a table was 45 minutes. As the girl packaged our order, I asked about getting part of it comped. She again yelled back to the manager, and his response was a curt "No way." I asked the girl to put plastic utensils into the bag, as my meal (tortellini) was not conducive to eating with my fingers. She said she would.

Still miffed about not getting comped for at least a portion of the meal, we headed to the Oakdale. When I opened the to-go package, there was no plastic utensils. Even something that simple they screwed up. Well, at least I could eat my salad with my fingers!

Bottom line -- crappy customer service. Real bottom line? They lost a customer.