I develop software for a living, and have been at it for quite a while.

How long?

Well, let's just say that in my time I've toggled in binary boot routines on a PDP 11-40, and I remember the first VAXen pretty well.

I worked for a long while from the first edition of Dennis Ritchie's C book and knew assembly language pretty well too.

I wrote protocol emulators for shop floor devices (Allen-Bradley, Gould Modicon, and Texas Instruments) in VAX Macro Assembly language, and wrote other software to communicate with shop floor devices in C. That was all back in my DEC days (1986-1997).

But a species must evolve, and along the way I migrated from VMS to Unix and then Linux. I moved from working with proprietary software to Open Source. I surfed the web with Mosaic not long after it was invented (and no, we all know it was NOT invented by Al Gore). Today I use FireFox pretty exclusively (and only use IE when I have to and then only when I want to feel "insecure") Of course, some people are incapable of writing apps for multiple browsers, so there are times when I must use IE.

Today, I still program mostly in C, with some C++, Perl, PostgreSQL database (but a bit of MySQL as well, and in a pinch, Oracle), and whatever other kind of programming is needed. Currently playing with some php

As this site evolves, you might get some of my own small bits of wisdom (if you could call it that), but for now, poke through the rest of the pages for some good links to get you started.