This section will eventually provide some info on various programming tools I use. For now, I'll throw up a quick list and leave investigation to you....

Programming/Development Tools

The Gnu Compiler Collection (gcc)

Firefox (see the Firefox page elsewhere on the site).

Fire FTP. A Firefox extension that functions as a good FTP client.

Firebug. A Javascript/HTML/DOM tools that can help with website development.

Emacs. Just a great editor. Period.

RealVNC. Remote access.

Putty. A terminal emulator. For when VNC is overkill


WinZip. The Compression Utility for Windows. I work for them, so I'd better use it. Actually, it's pretty damned handy. If you can, pick up the Pro version for more features, or the Pro/E-Mail Companion Combo version.

Carbonite. A remote backup service. Well worth the small monthly subscription fee.